Family Law & Domestic Relationship Breakdowns

Our team of experienced lawyers provide legal advice and legal representation in a broad range of family law matters, including financial settlements and disputes, parenting arrangements, interstate and international relocation disputes, spousal maintenance, child support and de facto and same sex relationships.

  • Separation – our lawyers can assist you in trying to reach an early agreement to save costs and stress. If that is not possible then we can assist by representing you when the matter goes to Court.
  • Financial Settlements and Disputes – We have extensive experience advising and representing clients in relation to a broad range of family law financial matters; from amicable property settlements involving modest assets to contested disputes involving substantial personal and business assets and complex financial arrangements.
  • Spousal Maintenance – Spousal maintenance is separate to financial settlements. Upon marriage breakdown, spouse maintenance usually takes the form of periodic monetary payments from one spouse to another, and includes living costs such as mortgage instalments, payment of rates notices, utilities such as gas and electricity, health care costs, and other household expenses. Parties can agree on the terms of the maintenance, or they can be ordered by a Court if agreement cannot be reached.
  • Parenting Arrangements (formerly known as ‘child custody’, ‘residence’, ‘contact’ and ‘access’)Decisions relating to the child need to be made post separation; where a child will reside, time spent with a parent, sharing holidays and special events such as birthdays, and decisions relating to the care of the child. Parental responsibility can apply to anyone with responsibility for a child such as the biological parents, adoptive parents, and legal guardians including grandparents.
  • Child support – By law both parents are required to provide financial support to their child. This generally involves one parent paying a child support payment to the other, to help with the costs of raising a child. The support payments for children in separated families are commonly agreed upon by each parent. Where agreement cannot be reached parents can apply to the Child Support Scheme for an assessment and monitoring by the Child Support Agency rather than the Courts. The amount of money payable is dependent on the circumstances of the family and is based on the application of a statutory formula.
  • Divorce – contact our experienced lawyers for legal advice and representation in applying for a divorce.
  • Same Sex Relationships and Rainbow Families -If you are in a same-sex relationship and want information on your legal rights, or need assistance with pre-nuptials, financial agreements, parenting arrangements, and/or child support please do not hesitate to contact us. Our lawyers at NEW Legal Solutions have extensive Family Law experience and will work with you to give you options in your particular circumstances.
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